Global Industrial IoT Market Analysis, Share, Trends and Forecast by 2022

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is poised to significantly improve reliability, production, and customer satisfaction. Initially focusing on improving existing processes and augmented current infrastructure, IIoT will rely upon as well as integrate with certain key technologies, devices, software, and applications.

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Unlike LTE /4G, the fifth generation (5G) of wireless will represent a purpose-built technology, designed and engineered to facilitate connected devices as well as automation systems. In many ways, 5G will be a facilitator and an accelerator of the next industrial revolution, often referred to as Industry 4.0. There is a need to look beyond smart factories, intelligent products and services towards enterprise as a whole and the unique benefits of high capacity urban wireless applications.

IoT APIs will support IoT Operations in many regards including interoperability between IoT Platforms, Devices, and Gateways. Moreover, IoT APIs will become a critical part of major IoT application and service developer programs. There is an emerging opportunity for IoT database infrastructure services to support inter-working and access to IoT related resources, most notably data associated with IoT events gathered from IoT Devices and sensors.

Sensors are used for detection of changes in the physical and/or logical relationship of one object to another(s) and/or the environment. Physical changes may include temperature, light, pressure, sound, and motion. Logical changes include the presence/absence of an electronically traceable entity, location, and/or activity. Within an IoT context, physical and logical changes are equally important.

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IoT will be a driver of substantial software development in infrastructure, platforms, devices, security, applications and services. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) represents an important go-to-market aspect of IoT for early distribution and as a value-add to IoT product capabilities and/or service offerings. IoT also raises Importance of Value-added Resellers (VAR), Systems Integrators (SI), and Independent Software Vendors (ISV). The convergence of Cloud, Data Management, IoT Platforms and Solutions is enabling the next evolution of data analytics in which enterprise will realize significant tangible and intangible benefits from IoT data.

3D Printing is transformative beyond the printing industry itself as it is poised to cause a huge shift in manufacturing, especially when coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advancements in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In next five years, virtually every human will come into touch with 3D printed products. Mind Commerce sees 3D Printing as an essential building block, along with 5G, AI, and IIoT in forming the 4th industrial revolution, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0.

The Smart Workplace is a concept powered by IoT technologies and solutions and is composed of smart workforce, intelligent environments, and smart components. There are many factors to consider including service robots, ubiquitous connectivity and communication technology, building automation and management systems, sensor equipped energy management systems, cloud and edge enabled infrastructure, mobile device management, wearable networks, intelligent software application, and many more.

Teleoperation and Telerobotics plays a profound role in industrial automation and the rapidly evolving industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) arena. Robots and remote control systems enable various industries to control real machines/equipment by virtual object through master controlling interfaces.

This is by far the most comprehensive IIoT research available. With hard data, keen insights, detailed qualitative analysis, and forecasts, Industrial IoT Market by IIoT Technology (5G, APIs, Databases), Device (Sensors, RFID, Robots, Smart Meters), Software (Controls, Data Management, PLM), Application (3D Printing, Industrial Analytics, Process Automation, Smart Workplace, Teleoperation), Industry Vertical, and Geography is must reading for anyone within the manufacturing, industrial, and/or enterprise IoT space. All purchases of Mind Commerce reports includes time with an expert analyst who will help you link key findings in the report to the business issues you’re addressing. This needs to be used within three months of purchasing the report.

Target Audience:
Robotics companies
Telecom service providers
Manufacturing companies
Embedded systems companies
Wireless device manufacturers
Systems integration companies
Sensors and actuators suppliers
IoT and industrial service providers
Telecom and IT infrastructure suppliers

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Executive Summary


IIoT Technologies

IIoT Global Market Analysis and Forecasts 2017 – 2022

Company Analysis

FIGURE 1: IIoT Impact on Automation and Processes
FIGURE 2: Four Pillars of IIoT Execution
FIGURE 3: IoT Framework
FIGURE 4: 5G and IIoT
FIGURE 5: Requirements for Wireless IIoT Access Technology
FIGURE 6: Hardware Systems used in IIoT
FIGURE 7: Software Solutions used in IIoT
FIGURE 8: Smart Sensor Components
FIGURE 9: Smart Sensor Model
FIGURE 10: Smart Sensor Model with Functional Partitioning

TABLE 1: Leading Proprietary RTOS in Embedded Systems
TABLE 2: Global IIoT Market 2017 – 2022
TABLE 3: IIoT Regional Markets 2017 – 2022
TABLE 4: IIoT Markets by Product Segment 2017 – 2022
TABLE 5: IIoT Regional Markets by Product Sub-segment 2017 – 2022
TABLE 6: Connectivity Platforms by Industry Sector 2017 -2022
TABLE 7: Connectivity Platforms by Regions 2017 -2022
TABLE 8: Sensor Infrastructure by Industry Sector 2017 -2022
TABLE 9: Sensor Infrastructure by Region 2017 -2022
TABLE 10: Hardware Platforms by Industry Sector 2017 -2022

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